Meeting Folder

Meeting Folder

foldersCreate your own Folders in the cloud. Save what happens when you meet with others - notes, documents, calendars, database, messaging.

View information in your Folder with a direct link, or easily integrate your Folder page so it looks like its part of your website.

Make them Public, or Private. Invite others to be a member of your folder.

Secure login ensures that you have control over who can access your folders.

Notes - if you are a student set up a folder for each class and keep track of your class notes with a full featured blog - search notes and comments.

Calendar - if you are a committee, invite members to join the folder and use the calendar to keep track of all your meetings and events

Database - if you are a small business, keep track of important information with the easy to use database.

Documents - if you are the board of an organiztion, save all your important documents so you can provide a reliable history for the next set of board members


notesAdd notes and documents to your folder. Store them in a safe place online where you can find them..

This is a much better place than storing notes and documents in a box like